Features & Benefits

Service Available for Every Member

E-Credit is a unique payment method available for every Eastar Jet member once real-name authentication has been approved.
* Real name authentication is mandatory since this service involves payment with cash.

Convenient payment once you register E-Credit!

Transfer money onto your E-credit. Instead of paying each time you purchase your flight ticket, in-flight meals and other services provided by Eastar Jet, pay using your E-credit with one click.

Receive an additional 5% as a Bonus!

You will receive an additional 5% of the charged value each time you transfer money onto your E-Credit as a bonus. If you store 100,000 WON, you will receive a total of 105,000 credits on your E-Credit. Not just once. Receive 5% bonus every time you recharge! We provide this benefit for our customers using E-credit so that they can enjoy more of our services with ease. With E-Credit, you will receive greater benefits.

Anywhere Anytime

E-credit can be used just like cash within Eastar Jet. You can use E-Credit to purchase airline tickets, in-flight meals, reserved seats and other products provided by Eastar Jet including additional services, airport charges and fuel surcharges. However, you may not purchase cooperation goods with E-Credit.

Give as gifts and receive refunds with ease.

E-credit can be shared among members of Eastar Jet as gifts. You can store value and give them to your parents or children as gifts. Upon request, the stored value in your E-credit can be refunded within 180 days of transfer excluding any bonus credits.
* When you withdraw from our membership, the remaining value (stored within 180 days) on your E-credit will be refunded automatically.

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