International Flight Fares

After April 1 2019 (based on issuing date)

( Unit: USD, based on one-way flight for one passenger )

Cancel,Change Fee Guide
Fare type Fee Application in each time period
After reservation - 91 days before departure 90 - 61 days before departure 60 - 31 days before departure 30 day from departure - before noshow on departure day
Regular Fare Change Exempt
Discount Fare Exempt 20,000
Event Fare 40,000
Regular Fare Cancel Exempt 20,000
Discount Fare Exempt 20,000 40,000 60,000
Event Fare 60,000
* Previous regulations are applied to the flight tickets purchased before September 1, 2017.

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  • No-show fee
    If not canceling the ticket until 1 hour prior to departure, 100USD is imposed.
    (based on one-way flight ticket per a person, imposed in separation from cancelation fee)
    The aforementioned amount is imposed in separation from cancelation fee.
  • Not available to change names
  • Additional charge for itinerary change/cancellation can be payed immediately on our home page. Refund will be made to previous payment method.
  • Apply to the airplane you purchase through homepage/mobile of Eastar Airline or in Korea There might be additional regulations to be applied for airplane or group airplanes you purchased in foreign countries.
  • When a passenger cancels or misses the departing flight of the international roundtrip ticket, the returning flight will be automatically canceled.
  • Conditions for exempting fee:Commissions are exempted if changing/cancelling within 24 hours after reserving. (However, commission is imposed for an hour before departure.)
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