Baggage service

Carry-On Baggage

We provide baggage information for your comfortable travel.

Information on carry-on baggage

  • One baggage where the sum of length, width and height does not exceed 20+55+40=115cm (7+22+26=45inch) and weighs less than 7kg, and can be securely stowed in the overhead compartment or under your seat.
  • Laptop computer, briefcase, handbag, cosmetic bag and infant's amenities and food for consumption can be carried on board free of charge.
  • All kinds of swords, golf clubs and scissors could harm other passengers so they cannot be carried in the cabin. Please transport them in checked baggage.
  • Luggage exceeding the free allowed carry-in luggage weight (7kg) shall be consigned while applying the exceeding luggage fare regulations.
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