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You can check the posting in My E-star ▶Management of opinion from clients. Please do not enter personal information such as passport information for protection of yoru personal information. * 주말, 공휴일 기간동안 등록된 문의글의 경우 영업일에 순차 처리되며, 답변이 지연될 수 있습니다.

[Required] Details on collection and use of personal information
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1. Purposes of personal information collection and use
Eastar Jet does not use the personal information of the subject of Personal Information beyond the scope this article describes except for the cases the subject of Personal Information agreed on or defined by relevant laws

● Membership administration
Handling complaints and storage of records for dispute resolutions

2. Collected personal information
Category Items
Opinion from customers Member Name, Contact number, e-mail

3. Information provided Retention /Use Period
The personal Information collected under the consent of members shall be retained and used while the service is provided.

The collected personal information will be discarded without delay: if a member withdraw Eastar membership; can't be able to view or use.

However, even when a member has cancelled his/her membership has achieved the purpose of collection and use of personal information, the Company may continue to retain relevant personal information if it is required to preserve personal information under the applicable laws and regulations.

Applicable Personal Information Related services Reason for retention (Relevant laws) Retention period
Records regarding processing of consumer complaints or conflicts Opinion from customers(including members/non-members) Article 6 of the Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, etc. and Article 6 of the enforcement ordinance 3 years

Your request will not be processed unless you accept the above terms.

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