A Message from our CEO

Eastar Jet aims to "Go beyond Asia and popularize air travel".

The CEO of Eastar Jet Co., Ltd. / JongGu Choi The CEO of Eastar Jet Co., Ltd. / JongGu Choi

  • Beloved Airline

    Eastar Jet is an airline that fulfills social responsibility. We hope to popularize air travel by providing reasonable costs to our passengers while providing the utmost safety in our flights. We hope you find exhilarating memories forgotten in the bustle of everyday life, and wish all your wishes and dreams come true by travelling with us. In addition, Eastar Jet cherishes valuable encounters and thrilling memories with our passengers while cutting extraneous costs in the flights, and promises to continue to grow as a beloved airline.

  • Eastar Jet's stubbornness for our passenger's safety

    Eastar Jet acquires Boeing B737-NG, which is proven safety throughout the world and operates 24 hour real time maintenance system with business tie-up of world’s most distinguished airline maintenance companies. Based on the Korea Civil Aviation Pilots Association(ALPA-K), veteran pilots in their 40s who have 11 years of flight experience (6,000 hours of flight) will guarantee your safety and a superior travel experience.

  • Beyond Asia
    To the world's No.1

    Our goal is to go beyond Asia and become the greatest airline worldwide. Eastar Jet is confident to become one of Asia’s fastest growing and best airlines through OPEN SKIES as it has settled a new nest at Saemangeum, the new opportunity land of Korea and ‘Dubai of Northeast Asia’, expanded domestic routes that connects Jeju, Gimpo, Gunsan and Busan, and expanded international routes that connects China, Japan and several regions in Southeast Asia. We will continue to work hard until our dream comes true. All executives and staff members at Eastar Jet will achieve this dream with the company culture, which creates value through challenges and innovation. Eastar Jet will grow together with you.

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