Online boarding ticket

Online boarding ticket

  • Online boarding ticket is a printable ticket that could be printed from the homepage.
  • With printed boarding ticket, you can enter departure gate and board the plane without going through the check-in counter.
  • Online boarding ticket can only be printed on the PC.

Mobile Boarding Pass

  • Mobile boarding pass is a boarding pass printed on a mobile screen.
  • With mobile boarding pass, you can check-in at immigration desk and board on a plane without separate procedure.
  • You may access your mobile boarding pass only with a mobile phone.

온라인 인터넷 탑승권  PC 샘플

How to issue boarding ticket

Online boarding ticket can be issued through the web check-in menu of the homepage. Web Check-in

Web check in and boarding procedure


  1. 예매선택 Select Booking
  2. 지정좌석 선택 (미선택시) Select Reserved Seat
  3. 웹체크인 완료 Web check in complete
  4. 탑승권 발급 Issue boarding ticket


  1. 보안게이트에서 스캔 Scan at the security gate
  2. 항공기 탑승 Boarding

Subjects for web check in

웹체크인 및 탑승 절차
Possible when Impossible when
Domestic booking International booking, Booking via travel agency
If there’s 1 passenger Adults accompanying children
If reserved seat is requested in advance Passenger with identification discount
If booking is made as preferential corporate member

Notes for web check- in

  • Purchase of reserved seat is available 30 day - 1 day before departure time.
  • You may apply for web check-in 24 hours to 1 hour before domestic departure.
  • Please enter the boarding gate 20 minutes before departure.
  • Baggage that weighs less than 7kg and the total sum of 3 sides is shorter than 115cm can be carried on board.
  • Please read the automatic access barcode at the airport departures and take the printed boarding guidance form.
  • Information on boarding gate can be checked from the boarding guidance form on the departure date.
  • Boarding process will be closed 30 minutes before departure time. Please show your boarding pass if requested by the flight attendant. (after boarding time is closed, you will not be allowed to board the plane and checked baggage will be unloaded.)
  • Under unexpected circumstances such as changing planes or deteriorating weather, your seat can be changed or cancelled without notice and use of your mobile ticket can be restricted.
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