Baggage service

Basic checked baggage

Standard of Free Checked Baggage

무료 위탁수하물 기준
Fare Basic Checked Baggage Additional Checked Baggage
Event Fare Free checked baggage is not included
Passenger may purchase 15kg in advance
  • Domestic Flight: 10,000 KRW for one-way flight
  • International Flight: 50,000 KRW for one-way flight
Passenger may purchase 5, 10, 15kg in advance (5kg unit)
  • Domestic Flight: Unavailable
  • International flight: 5kg for one-way flight

Zone 1 <-> Zone 2 : 30,000 KRW
Zone 1 <-> Zone 3 : 40,000 KRW
Zone 1 <-> Zone 4 : 50,000 KRW
Discount Fare Includes 15kg of free checked baggage
Regular Fare
  • You may get discount for purchasing checked baggage in advance.
  • For itinerary change/cancel, purchased baggage will be automatically cancelled/refunded.
    You may purchase baggage until 24 hours before flight departure. 
  • After completing booking/issuing, you may purchase baggage service on our homepage’s My Booking.
  • For checked baggage, sum of length, width, and height should be less than 203 cm (80inch).
  • When accompanying infant less than 2 years old, you may check either stroller, cradle, or car seat for free.
  • Physically handicapped passenger may additionally check wheelchair or other assistant device for free.
  • When using a connection flight, you may purchase extra checked baggage for 60USD per 5 kg from your first departing place to final destination in advance.

Information for purchasing checked baggage in advance

Excess Baggage

  • If exceeding the allowed capacity of free checked baggage, fees for exceeding baggage per 1kg are applied.

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무료 위탁수하물 기준
Category Fees Regions
Zone1 < - > Zone1 2,000 KRW Domestic flight
Zone1 < - > Zone2 10,000 KRW / 10USD / 1,000 JPY / 60 CNY Japan, Short-distance to China
Zone1 < - > Zone3 13,000 KRW / 13 USD / 110 HKD / 400 TWD / 75 CNY / 10 EUR Hong Kong, Taiwan, Long-distance to China, Russia
Zone1 < - > Zone4 16,000 KRW / 16 USD / 530 THB / 20 SGD Southeast Asia
  • If a baggage weighs over 32kg or the sum of its 3 sides is over 203cm, carriage may be denied.
  • Regulations of the relevant airline are applied to joint flights
  • Discount is provided if purchasing the checked baggage in advance.
  • When using a connection flight, extra checked baggage fee will be charged from your first departing place to final destination in a rate of 20USD per 1 kg.

Handling of Checked-in Baggage at Boarding Gate

  • You may go to boarding gate and request baggage handling in advance before the boarding time.
  • Weight for total checked-in baggage will be added up. If weight exceeds allowable weight, you will be charged excess baggage fee and no other fee will be charged.
  • Excess baggage fee is charged differently based on the section. Please refer to the regulation on the excess baggage.

Restricted Items

운송 제한품목
Prohibited items (both domestic/international flight) Prohibited items in either checked or hand baggage.
Flammable liquids such as paints and adhesives

currency, bank bill, marketable securities, stamps, jewelries, key, medical supplies, perishable items

Oxygen can, butane and containers for high pressure gas
Explosive substances such as guns and weapons (however, firearms reported in advance are excluded),
Bags attached with alarm device
Substances that are corrosive, explosive, flammable, magnetic ,toxic, oxidizing, radioactive and irritant
Items that could cause harm to other passengers and the aircraft
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