Passenger requiring assistance

Pregnant woman

  • This is Eastar Jet’s service for pregnant passengers
  • Eastar Jet provides delicate service so pregnant passengers can enjoy comfortable and safe travels.

Travel Status Based on Pregnancy

14-32 week below

Less than 32 weeks of pregnancy
  • Passenger can travel without limit.
  • However, pregnant passengers with gestational hypertension, gestational diabetes and other complications must submit a doctor’s note and a written pledge.

32-38 week above

More than 32 weeks of pregnancy
  • 32 – 36 weeks : Must submit a doctor’s note and a written pledge during boarding procedure.
  • More than 37 weeks of pregnancy (more than 33 weeks of plural pregnancy) : Prohibited from boarding for health of expectant mother and baby.
  • In case of plural pregnancy, we follow IATA Medical Guideline to distinguish boarding standard from singleton pregnancy.

Documents Required during flight

  • 2 doctor’s opinion : Note written from obstetrician within 1 week before departure

    ※ Mandatory issues from doctor’s note: whether the passenger is fit to travel on air (both departing and returning flights), due date, period of pregnancy (based on reporting date), whether if it is singleton or plural pregnancy and if there are any other complications

    ※ For international flights, medical reports in both Korean and English are required.

  • 2 written pledges : 2 written pledges
  • Even if the required documents are submitted, carriage may be denied if the passenger’s health is deemed to be unsuitable for travel on the departing day.
  • Airport differ in standards so when entering a foreign airport, please inquire the embassy and consulate general of each country.
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