Passenger requiring assistance

Passenger accompanying pet

  • Pets may only be carried in cabin.(Checked baggage unallowed)
  • Pets cannot be transported or carried in for international flights.
  • Dogs, cats, and birds that weigh below 5kg with the cage (other animals and insects cannot be carried)
  • Cage size : width + length + height must be less than 115cm (must fit under the front seat)
  • Each passenger is allowed to bring 1 pet only.
  • For the safety of the aircraft, only 2 pets can be carried so please inquire the Reservation Center for more details.
  • For the safety of your pet, only 1 animal can be carried in a cage.
  • Pets less than 6 months old can be carried in a cage with its mother.
  • If you are carrying a bird, cage must be covered so it is not exposed.
  • For the safety of flight, all pets must be kept inside the cage and taking them out is strictly prohibited.
  • Passengers can’t carry their pets as checked baggage as from 16 October 30(the effective date on flight departure)
  • Fare for pet cage is available in [ Home - Service Guide - Airport Service - Baggage Service - Purchase Packaging Product ]
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