Information for purchasing checked baggage in advance

Service for purchasing checked baggage in advance

  • Discount for purchasing checked baggage in advance (implement as of May 1, 2017)
무료 위탁수하물 기준
Fare Basic Checked Baggage Advance Purchase Baggage
Event Fare Free checked baggage is not included
Passenger may purchase 15kg in advance
  • Domestic Flight: 10,000 KRW for one-way flight
  • International Flight: 50,000 KRW for one-way flight
Passenger may purchase 5, 10, 15kg in advance (5kg unit)
  • Domestic Flight (Zone1 ↔ Zone1)

5kg 8,000KRW
10kg 15,000KRW
15kg 20,000KRW
  • International flight: 5kg for one-way flight

Zone 1 <-> Zone 2 : 30,000 KRW
Zone 1 <-> Zone 3 : 40,000 KRW
Zone 1 <-> Zone 4 : 50,000 KRW
Discount Fare Includes 15kg of free checked baggage
Regular Fare
  • You may get discount for purchasing checked baggage in advance.
  • Discount only applies to passenger who purchased via homepage, mobile web/app.
  • For itinerary change/cancel, purchased baggage will be automatically cancelled/refunded.
    You may purchase baggage until 24 hours before flight departure. 
  • After completing booking/issuing, you may purchase baggage service on our homepage’s My Booking.
  • For checked baggage, sum of length, width, and height should be less than 203 cm (80inch).
  • When accompanying infant less than 2 years old, you may check either stroller, cradle, or car seat for free.
  • Physically handicapped passenger may additionally check wheelchair or other assistant device for free.
  • When using a connection flight, you may purchase extra checked baggage for 60USD per 5 kg from your first departing place to final destination in advance.

① Advance Purchase Baggage for Domestic Flight

Standard Classification (zone) Fees
5Kg Zone1 - Zone1 8,000 KRW
10Kg 15,000 KRW
15Kg 20,000 KRW

② Advance Purchase Baggage for International Flight

Standard Classification (zone) Fees
Per 5kg Zone1 - Zone2 30,000 KRW / 30 USD / 180 CNY / 3,000 JPY
Zone1 - Zone3 40,000 KRW / 40USD / 240 CNY / 320HKD / 1,200 TWD / 31 EUR
Zone1 - Zone4 50,000 KRW / 50 USD / 1,600 THB / 65 SGD
  1. Pre-pay for checked
    baggage in advance

    • You can pre-pay for checked baggage in advance at homepage after booking for airline ticket is completed.
  2. Reservation

Flight information in each ZONE

Category Detailed Route
ZONE 1 Incheon, Gimpo, Jeju, Cheongju, Gunsan, Busan
ZONE 2 Osaka, Narita (Tokyo), Okinawa, Fukuoka, Yanji, Shanghai, Jinan, Sapporo (New Chitose), Miyazaki, Kagoshima, Zhengzhou, Yantai
ZONE 3 Songsan (Taipei), Hong Kong, Vladivostok, Haikou, Kaohsiung, Zhangjiajie, Hualien, Macau
ZONE 4 Bangkok, Kota Kinabalu, Danang, Palawan, Nha Trang, Phu Quoc


  • Available to purchase on the homepage or Eastar Airline reservation center
  • It is available to separately purchase in 'My Reservation Page' after reserving and issuing flight tickets
  • Baggage purchased when changing or cancelling the itinerary is automatically cancelled/refunded, and can be re-purchased up to 24 hours before the departure of flight.
    (refund is only available when changing/cancelling up to 25 hours before the department of flight)
  • Joint flight routes are not available to be purchased baggage in advance and, regulations of the joint flight are applied to corresponding airline.
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